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Serving clients with professionalism, honesty and integrity. When you need the highest quality legal representation and superior legal services, you want The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali.

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The main priority of our law firm is you, the client. Our attorneys can make the difference & help you avoid or minimize the dire consequences of an adverse decision.

Our Principle

We deliver to you, our client, straightforward and honest counsel that you need and deserve. We never lead our clients on to false beliefs about their cases.

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We can be contacted at 949-753-8058 for your legal needs. We offer interpretation of various languages for our non-native English speaking clients.

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Delivering High-End Service At Reasonable Rates

I started The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali with the ideology that all clients are entitled to the highest quality, professional, legal representation. I wanted to provide my clients with zealous advocacy while delivering an honest case analysis.

Whether this is your first time seeking legal counsel or you are familiar with the legal process, I understand that every issue comes with emotional and financial difficulties. As clients of the firm, you can expect representation that is focused on keeping you informed while serving your legal needs.



For legal guidance from an attorney focused on the needs of businesses and individuals, contact The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali today.



We’ll start by listening to your story. Then, we’ll educate you on the steps you’ll need to take throughout the process so you’re prepared for what comes next.



Our attorney knows how to stand his ground and maintain his poise. We’ll seek cooperative solutions and strive to protect your interests at every stage.



Whether you seek to negotiate a lease or protect yourself from liability, our firm is all about results. We begin with the end of your real estate transaction in mind.

Extensive Negotiating Skills And Courtroom Experience

As part of the philosophy of delivering high-level service at reasonable rates, we explore various creative options to resolve legal disputes with the client’s goals as the sole focus. Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution typically create a faster, more cost-effective approach to an early resolution. Based upon my experience in a range of practice areas, I understand that every case is unique. In order to settle matters in various forums, it’s important that I collaborate with my clients to understand their underlying needs. This understanding allows me to negotiate fervently, while navigating the different legal scenarios that arise.

Sometimes early resolution is not possible or not desired by my clients. If that’s the case, The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali is always ready to go to court and fight for you.


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Key Features That Define a Great Law Firm

With approximately 73,000 law firms in California, there is a dire need to find the best lawyers to handle your cases. Eventually, everyone needs to hire a lawyer to handle business ownership transfers, compensation, or divorce cases. So, what do you look at when evaluating different law firms?


It is non-beneficial to hire lawyers without experience. Instead, find lawyers that specialize in the legal service you need. For instance, a real estate attorney deals with matters of real estate. So, their vast experience as a real estate lawyer helps solve disputes and cases.

2.The Track Record

Ask for the outcomes of previous cases similar to yours. The firm’s settlement and trial records are enough to gauge a real estate law firm’s capability. If the firm has more successful cases than losses, it is reliable to handle your case.

3.Existence in the Market

Law firms that have been working for long know the ins and outs of the business. Law firms such as The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali have existed for long. As such, they have the expertise to handle diverse cases.

4.The Pricing

When looking for an estate planning law firm or business law firm, the cost of their services seals the deal. Find out if you’ll pay per hour or a fixed amount once the case is over. We have the best prices for our clients and monthly subscription plans to ease the financial load.

5.The Communication Skills

Good communication between a family law attorney and their client determines the success or failure of the case. Once you hire a lawyer, they must gather as much information as they need in good time. If the lawyer practices litigation and transactional law, they must conduct enough research and communicate everything to you.
Clients looking for lawyers in different fields, such as manufactured housing in Irvine CA, should contact us for the best services. We ensure you have peace of mind throughout the consultation and as the case progresses until you get a verdict for your case.


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