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Landlord Tenant Attorney

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Landlord and tenant disputes get messy if you handle them yourself. Enlist the help of a landlord-tenant attorney for the result you want.

Landlord-tenant disputes are some of the most common legal arguments but can also become the most complex to resolve. That’s why having a landlord-tenant lawyer in your corner is essential. If you’re in or close to Irvine, California, there’s no need to look up “legal services near me” or “landlord tenant lawyer around me.” The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali are here to help.

The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali have significant experience handling real estate law – including landlord and tenant disputes – and getting the best result for our clients. We handle both residential and commercial real estate, including disagreements related to the following:

  • Housing contracts
  • Leases
  • Unlawful detainers
  • And more!

What sets the Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali apart is that we go beyond the typical landlord-tenant dispute and into mobile home attorney services. We can help settle disputes whether you have manufactured housing, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles – all of which require specialized skills to effectively deal with.

For mobile homes, we are very familiar with the Mobile Home Residency Law and the Recreational Park Occupancy Law and know how to navigate these laws for the benefit of our clients. For our mobile home clients, we handle contracts, leases, eviction proceedings, wrongful eviction, unlawful detainers, injunctions, and more.

If you need legal advice from an experienced attorney who’s nearby, contact the Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can find the best solution for your legal issue.