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Why you should have a will written right now

Having a will ensures that your assets are appropriately divided. Dying without a leaves your assets in the hands of the local court. You shouldn’t wait to write your will if you have assets you want family and friends to inherit. You might be making it harder for your loved ones to deal with your death after you pass on.

Here are three reasons why it is helpful to have a will if you’re 18 years of age or older:

It saves your loved ones a lot of stress

You have the chance of choosing who manages your estate after death. An executor will take care of your estate for your loved ones. Their duty is one of trust and respect for your wishes, and they can make it easier for your family to move forward without you.

It keeps your family from fighting

Many of your loved ones may have some idea of what they believe they should inherit. They may have fond memories of a particular possession that others don’t. Your will should have some clarity on who should inherit what parts of your estate.

It removes anyone who shouldn’t inherit

Some people don’t deserve to gain a penny from your estate. You can ensure your estate does not go into the wrong hands. You may consider disinheriting an ex-spouse, a dishonest friend or an ungrateful child.

It allows you flexibility

You might find that you need to include someone who comes into your life in your future. You might even come into a small fortune that you wish to donate. If this is your first will then you should know that you can change it at any point.

There are many reasons you should have a will written, this is just a few. Writing a will can seem tedious at first but knowing what makes a will work can save your loved ones from stress.