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Potential reasons for landlord-tenant disputes

Landlords and tenants will sometimes run into significant disputes that impact their professional relationships. It is important for both sides to know how these disputes might arise and how they can be resolved.

The end solution is not always eviction. Simply finding a way to work through the dispute is often possible.  While there are many reasons that these disputes arise, some of the more common ones between landlords and tenants include the following:

Non-payment of rent

The most common dispute that arises is when a tenant does not pay the rent on time. Even being just a few days late may trigger fines or fees in the lease.

When the tenant hasn’t paid in consecutive months, the landlord may need to begin considering eviction, or at least stress to the tenant that that is a potential outcome if they do not get caught back up.

Lack of repairs and maintenance

Landlords are generally responsible for repairs and maintenance of the property since they own it. They need to keep it reasonable repair.

Most repairs will not be the responsibility of the tenant, and that tenant may become frustrated if they have repeatedly asked for repairs and these requests have been denied or ignored. In the most extreme cases, the tenant could actually be at risk of injury due to the lack of maintenance.

Breaking clauses in the lease

Landlords can put a lot of various clauses in the lease to govern how the tenant can use the property. For instance, some tenants are barred from having pets, while others are told they cannot sublet the property without permission. When any of these clauses are broken by either side, a solution is needed.

If you find yourself involved in a landlord-tenant dispute like this, be sure you understand all of the legal options at your disposal. A proactive approach is usually the best route to take.